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Health Event – Eye/Optical Issues

Event: Health Event – Eye/Optical Issues

Location: Ardilaun Hotel (Tetrach Suite)

Date: Tuesday 12thApril

Time: 6pm (refreshments will be served)

6.30pm (Speaker to commence)

Speakers: Elaine O’Sullivan (Optique Opticians)

BPW Members and their guests all welcome


BPW Galway is delighted to announce details of the first Health Event for 2011.


We are delighted to be joined by one of our own BPW members – Elaine O’Sullivan joining us that evening.Elaine O’ Sullivan F.A.O.I. qualified as an Optometrist in 1989 in Dublin. Originally from Ballylongford, North Kerry, she spent her earlier professional years working in Cork and Dublin. She arrived in Galway in 1993 and worked in a couple of Galway practices until she opened up her own business in October 2007. Her practice is Optique Opticians, Briarhill Shopping Centre, Ballybrit, Galway. She is married to Eduard Florisson, a Dutch engineer and has one son Reuben aged five.

Elaine has been a member of Galway BPW for ten years

Your eyes are quite extraordinary...

In a milli-second they capture images and transfer these images to your brain for evaluation and storage.

Take a moment to picture a loved one, a favourite piece of stunning vista in your mind's eye. This is the miracle of sight as all of these cherished memories were originated by your eyes.

Elaine is going to speak about the importance of eye care and the main causes of vision loss notably:



·Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

·Retinal Detachment

·Ocular Injuries and Infection

YES! Every picture tells a story! Optique Opticians are dedicated to the very highest standard of eye care and this means maintaining the health of your eyes as well as the clarity of your vision. And make no mistake, the health of your eyes can start to deteriorate well before your vision suffers.

We look forward to meeting you there.


BPW Executive Committee

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